Listed Building Guide

Listed buildings offer some challenges regarding the type of repairs that can and cannot be carried out to windows and doors.

At The Sash Window Workshop we have been replacing and draught proofing timber windows and doors in listed buildings for over 25 years. We will do everything we can to guide you correctly and assist with any required application where we can. We can supply technical drawings of proposed windows to support an application once an order has been committed to us.

Grade II Listed Buildings

The following rules generally apply to Grade II listed buildings.  However, we would always recommend checking with your local authority before proceeding with any work on a listed building.

  • Existing timber windows can normally be draught sealed and overhauled without the need to obtain permission.
  • Timber frames can normally be repaired without the need to obtain permission.  However, the scope of repair is limited by the type of window and the extent of the repair required.
  • Replacement single glazing is often permitted, where glazing is of a similar thickness to the existing glass.
  • Installation of new internal ironmongery is permitted to increase security.
  • Replacement single sashes &/or casements will require planning consent prior to works being carried out.
  • Replacement complete new windows will require planning consent prior to works being carried out.
  • Double glazing can sometimes be installed, with planning consent prior to works being carried out, as long as the double glazing is narrow profile (such as The Sash Window Workshop’s Heritage unit), which are individual units traditionally glazed with putty.  This system is limited to minimum glazing bar thickness of 24mm and maximum pane sizes.
  • Bespoke timber secondary glazing is often an option in grade II listed buildings to increase thermal efficiency.

If you own a listed building and are looking to install secondary glazing, refurbish or replace your timber windows or doors, contact us today on 01344 868 668 for a free, no obligation site survey and quotation.


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